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Will my health insurance cover my Hero subscription?
Will my health insurance cover my Hero subscription?
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Select medical practices offer Hero as part of their remote care programs in an effort to help patients better manage their medications.

Medicare members in selected states can get Hero for as little as $0 by enrolling in a remote care program through one of Hero’s trusted partners. Copays, coinsurance, and deductibles may still apply depending on your specific insurance plan. To see if you are eligible, check here.

Hero is working hard to establish a network of trusted healthcare providers nationwide.

Private insurance may or may not cover remote care programs. Check with your health insurance carrier to learn more.

Hero is also FSA/HSA eligible, so you can use an FSA or HSA card to pay for your Hero subscription! Pro Tip: You can use your personal credit card to pay for medical expenses and then reimburse yourself from your HSA before accruing credit card interest. This way, you benefit from tax-free payments and can also earn any credit card rewards.

For more resources, check out our blog: Insurance & caregiver reimbursement.

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