How do I add caregivers?
Updated over a week ago

To add a new caregiver to your Hero account, follow the instructions below. You can invite a caregiver during the setup process, or you can do it later by going to the More menu and selecting Manage Caregivers.

  1. Tap on the Invite Caregiver button.

  2. You can either Choose Contact from your smartphone's contact list or Add Manually

  • To choose a contact, scroll or search for the name of the contact you want to invite as a caregiver. Then, tap their name and select the email address that Hero should use to send their invitation to be a caregiver.

  • To add a caregiver manually, enter the caregiver's first name and email address and tap on Send Invite.

Once your caregiver accepts the invitation, you will receive a notification, and they will be listed as an active caregiver on the Your Caregivers screen. If they haven't accepted yet, they will be listed as invited. That's it! You've successfully added a caregiver to your Hero account.

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