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How to refill medication (Video Tutorial)?
How to refill medication (Video Tutorial)?
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To learn how to refill your Hero smart dispenser, watch our video tutorial, or follow our step-by-step instructions below.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Press the center button for the main menu on your Hero.

  2. Select Refill, and then the medication you would like to resupply. Follow the instructions on the screen to update your pill count.

  3. The cartridge door with that medication will open. Remove the cartridge with that medication.

  4. Pour out your old pills from the cartridge into your dispensing cup.

  5. Add your new pills to the now empty cartridge

  6. Pour your old pills on top of the new pills

  7. Reinsert the cartridge into Hero dispenser (listen for the click to make sure it’s loaded in properly). Close the door.

  8. Hero will ask you if you want to update your medication’s expiration date.

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