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How to load meds into the Hero smart dispenser (Video Tutorial)
How to load meds into the Hero smart dispenser (Video Tutorial)
Updated over a week ago

To learn how to load your meds during the initial setup of your dispenser, please watch our video tutorial:

During initial setup, the Hero device will display a message on screen when it’s ready to have you load your first medication. Follow the instructions on-screen to start loading your medication.

  • When the Hero device door opens - Remove the cartridge by grasping the bottom, slightly pinching with thumb and forefinger, and pulling out.

  • Load your first medication into the cartridge. Throughout the process, the Hero device screen will display the name of the medication you should be loading.

  • Return the cartridge to slot 1, making sure to push the bottom tab all the way in, until you hear a click sound. This will ensure the cartridge is securely and properly placed.

  • Close the cartridge door. If you have additional medications to load, the Hero device will guide you through loading each one- repeating the process you just followed.

Note: Make sure to keep your empty pill bottles on hand in case you need to refer to them later.

That’s it! You’re ready to go. Check the Hero app for confirmation, and explore the different sections.

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