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Is there an AARP discount?
Is there an AARP discount?
Updated over a week ago

Yes! A Hero subscription is available to AARP members at a special, discounted price. Members get exclusive savings, including 8% off a Hero subscription and the initiation fee waived.

We offer two subscription models:

  • Annual subscription: $32.19 per month ($386.29 billed upfront for the entire year). With an annual subscription, AARP members can enjoy a discounted rate of 8%.

  • Monthly subscription with 12-month minimum: The monthly cost is $41.39, which includes 11 monthly payments of $44.99 and a final payment of $1.80. AARP members who choose the monthly subscription option can avail an 8% discount.

👉 To take advantage of these special prices, simply enter your AARP membership number during the sign-up process here.

All of our plans come with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a limited warranty. If you decide to cancel your subscription after the 90-day period, please note that there may be a fee based on your chosen subscription plan.

It's important to know that Hero plans automatically renew after the first year. But don't worry, if you ever want to change or cancel your plan, our 24/7 Live Support team is always here to help. Feel free to reach out to us anytime via the AARP dedicated number: +1 855-245-4211 or our live chat feature here.

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